MS and TJ Haylage are a South Yorkshire based haylage supplier for the UK equine industry. After discovering a local demand for high-quality haylage, we began producing premium grass products.   

We now supply racing yards in Newmarket, as well as Flat and National Hunt race horse trainers. We also supply competition and livery yards with a variety of products. Much of our success is due to our flexibility in catering for all requirements, no yard is too big or too small.  

We are proud to state that all our hay and haylage is home grown, and as such, we can guarantee quality products to our regular customers, all year round. Our products range in nutritional qualities and benefits, designed to suit all levels of the equestrian world. For more information, please visit our Products page or get in touch.   

Free nationwide delivery is provided with minimum orders, which includes an unloading and stacking service if required. We welcome new customers, both small and large, and can deliver our products world-wide.  


What is Hay? 

Hay is typically used to feed livestock, when fresh forage is not required or isn't easily available. It is produced by growing, cutting and drying grass, for the specific purpose of creating nutrient rich forage. We cut and dry ryegrass to create high quality pure hay, that is both dust and spore free, keeping your horses healthy.  


What is Haylage? 

Haylage is a semi wilted and slightly fermented forage, ideal for feeding of horses. It has many practical and health benefits, making it a great alternative to hay.  

The process used to create haylage captures the nutritional value of the product, whilst still maintaining the quality. Not only does it contain 90% the feed value of fresh grass, it is more digestible than hay, meaning more of these nutrients are absorbed.

Contrary to belief, haylage is the perfect forage for horses and ponies in light work or rest.  When fed correctly, it is better for digestion and contains vital vitamins to maintain your horses health.  Please see our products page for more information about the haylage that would suit your horse or contact us for advice.   

Haylage also does not contain dust or spores, making it better for the respiratory system than hay. As a result, it is perfect forage for horses suffering from COPD, or whose lung health is crucial to performance.   

There is no need to waste time soaking haylage, and it can be stored outside. As a result, it is an easier product to handle.   

See our Products page for the different hay and haylage products we provide, and to determine which would best suit your horses' needs.   



MS & TJ Haylage Packing Machine 

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.  Haylage system & heat sealer to enable Haylage & Hay to be packed into bags at Redhouse Farm