At MS & TJ Haylage, we have a wide range of valued customers. These include a range of small local private yards, livery yards and competition yards. For us, no yard is too small, as we provide smaller 20kg packs of haylage, ensuring it is always fresh for feeding. Alternatively, larger bales are available for bigger yards.  

Additionally, we cater to a vast number of stockists all over the UK. We are always on the lookout for new retailers to work with, in both Britain and abroad. Get in touch today to discuss how we can work with your business.

Private Yards and Livery Yards

Our work also extends to larger racing yards, including those at Newmarket and Malton. Our range of haylage products suit the requirements of horses in all levels of work and can be delivered nationwide and beyond.   

  •  No yard too small
  •  Free nationwide delivery
  •  All good can be exported abroad
  •  Free sample
  •  Varying sizes available

Horse Racing and Competition Horses

Haylage Elite is perfect for racehorses and competition horses. They contain a balanced range of nutrients for muscle development, power and strength. These products provide quality protein and are a good source of energy for highly active horses. We currently supply a number of eventing yards in Yorkshire and the local area, as well as race horse trainers across the UK. 

  • Knowledge and experience in dealing with racing and competition yards
  • High energy products to suit the needs of competition horses
  • Nationwide delivery and international exportation
  • Sponsorship opportunities

Breeding Studs

A number of our haylage products are perfect for mares. They help to provide a balanced diet in all stages of breeding, from maximising condition prior to covering, right through to weaning the foal. The palatable and digestible nature of our haylage means it is also a suitable feed for foals and yearlings. 

  • Our Haylage products provide a balanced diet for mares
  • Suitable from covering right through to weaning the foal
  • Palatable and digestible for foals